Before and After Photos



This Orange GLO product has some wax in it.
After several coats it made the floor look dull.


We used a wax stripper to remove the wax and
the natural shine of the wood presented itself.
A shower stall that was in need of cleaning!
Toshiba Digital Camera
Cleaned with a biodegradable cleaning product.
Bathroom, AfterToshiba Digital Camera
A small rug that got a bleach stain on both sides of it.
Toshiba Digital Camera
I used a Bleach stain remover product. It really works!
Toshiba Digital Camera
A linoleum floor needing old wax and dirt stripped off.
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After it was stripped and sealed.
Toshiba Digital Camera
A vinyl composition tile being stripped and cleaned.
A chair caused the tile to wear.
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After it was cleaned, stripped and sealed.Toshiba Digital Camera
This hardwood floor was cleaned and then
sealed with a water based polyurethane.
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After it was cleaned and sealed.Toshiba Digital Camera